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System overview

We deliver the independent, simple, reliable and rugged IoT system for autonomous condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for your objects and plants: from the sensor to the web dashboard. We also support you in operating your system by monitoring the system 24/7 (“plug & forget” ) with alerting on limit or alarm values.

The installation is easy and can be done with minimal effort: The sensors only need to be mounted and connected to the Rocket NG node! No configuration and no fixed power connection required. The measured values are automatically transmitted wireless to the platform, stored in a structured way, processed and prepared for display as dashboards in your web browser.

For the analysis, different data sources can also be combined and evaluated in models. The results are intuitively prepared by us and made available via web browser (PC, mobile). In addition, critical states or critical states in the making can be detected automatically and transmitted via e-mail, SMS or similar.

The measurements include displacements, strains, forces, temperatures, humidity, sound, inclinations and accelerations. The sensor systems are continuously being expanded. We support you with our expertise in planning, evaluation and implementation (also remotely).

THE ADVANTAGES for your objects and plants

With the Rocket NG system you can

    • increase safety
    • reduce lifecycle costs
    • improve the plannability of measures
    • reduce costs by taking measures at the optimal time
    • adapt maintenance cycles to demand and
    • Increase the availability of the monitored objects and systems

In addition, our system offers further advantages:

  • Low maintenance costs due to long battery life and a reliable system.
  • Very stable and no unnoticed failures due to „plug & forget
  • no need to install any software – everything can be done in the web browser
  • We have ready-made complete solutions and are also happy to provide support for special solutions
  • With 3 years of operation there are approx. 20% to 50% lower costs compared to other systems
  • The user does not need any special knowledge (measurement and network technology) and can still do some work himself

our sensors

We have the right sensor ready for almost every application with an infinite number of measurement possibilities.
If you are interested, please contact us.

Your contact

Stefan Burtscher


Tel: +43 2262 24024-303

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