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Get to know us:

At Rocket NG, we design and develop professional IoT solutions. In other words: If you want to measure something, we make it possible – and take care of everything from the sensor technology to displaying the data on your cell phone. We offer a wide range of solutions for every use case, including

  •  cross-border monitoring of infrastructure (bridges, railways, buildings, etc.)
  •  large-scale measurement of forest fire hazards and other natural disasters
  •  microclimatic influences on agriculture (How fast does a potato actually grow?)

As you can see, IoT is being used in a wide variety of areas. From billion-dollar companies to small farmers, everyone is interested in digitizing their work. We find customized solutions for every need and – the decisive advantage – can automatically warn our customers before

  •  the bridge collapses
  •  the forest burns
  •  the farmer is disappointed with the next harvest

Want to take off with us?

Great! The following part-time positions are currently open with us:


As we specialize in IoT solutions, we deal with programming and optimizing our products – and everything around them – on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of C, Python and co., or would you like to learn? Then apply now!

Product Designer

Designing our products and solutions is also part of our day-to-day business. Among other things, we design high-quality circuit boards, housings and sensors. Have you ever heard of PCB, KiCad and co.? Then apply now!

Marketing Manager

Every company thrives on publicity. Becoming visible so that potential customers can find us. There are many ways to achieve this: From advertising on the Internet to appealing documents for potential customers. Can you help us with this? Then apply now!

Warehouse Clerk

We can't believe how much stuff fits into a small workshop. There are tools, components, cables, stickers and more everywhere. To make sure we don't lose track of everything, we need someone who loves order and organization. Is that you? Then apply now!

What do we expect from you?

Certain prior knowledge is good for the various job offers. If you have never programmed in your life, you won’t be able to do much with microcontrollers. And if you have never used Photoshop or similar, you will probably have difficulties designing product sheets. We assume that you already have some experience in the areas you would like to work in. And that’s all you need:

  • not many years of practical experience,
  • no diplomas or certificates,
  • no 24/7 availability.

The main thing is that you are motivated, reasonably IT-savvy and enthusiastic about new technologies. It’s that simple.

What's in it for you?

We are a small and dynamic start-up. This brings a number of advantages:

And finally, the fine print: We hire “geringfügig“. This means that our legal limit is up to EUR 518.44 per month. As a “geringfügig” employee, there is no income tax or social security contributions – so the figure is net. For us, it goes without saying that your work will be fairly remunerated. Let’s talk about how many hours per week are possible for you and how we can make you the best possible offer.

Everything clear? Then let's go!


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